When it comes to the recreational edible market in Colorado, what do people truly want? What differentiates the edible that consumers return to purchase? Brooks and Eli made it their mission to find the answer.  They wanted to “perfect” the gummy. This process began with their company Tastebudz, founded in January of 2017.

In an oversaturated market, making consumers WANT a new gummy is not an easy task, so they took a different route with their edible to take it to the next level.  Tastebudz’s gummies are chewy, not sugar-coated, delicious, and have no hash after taste.

Tastebudz uses pure, never purged or filtered, CO2 oil that always tests over 70% combined with only the highest quality ingredients. To be the best, you must use the best. You must also have the best team in place. For this reason, all products are made from scratch in the kitchen using craft batches. Craft batches ensure quality and homogeneity of the cannabis used.

Currently, Tastebudz provides four flavors and each flavor is Indica/Sativa specific.  This assures that you are consuming an edible and getting the desired effect.

We stand behind each and every one of our gummies.  Each 100mg bottle is filled with 10mg gummies that are ready to be devoured. Get out to a dispensary near you and try the new hot item on the market: Tastebudz.

Four Delicious Flavors

Tropical Punch, Kiwi Strawberry, Watermelon Blast, and Blue Raspberry

Craft-Sized Batches From Pure CO2 Oils

TasteBudz gummies are hand crafted from scratch in small batches to ensure the most enjoyable and delicious experience possible.

Sativa + Indica

No matter what vibe you’re seeking day or night, TasteBudz has you covered. 

Sativa and Indica TasteBudz both helped with plenty of fun times on our last camping trip. Nice work TasteBudz. 🙂 Will def be buying again soon.
Rachel Emerson Denver, CO
First time I tried the Blue Raspberry and then I had to try them all. My favorite edibles I've tried! Sativa is my daily jam. Love taking a bottle of these with me snowboarding!
Jessica Claire Denver, CO
I tried TasteBudz on a vacation in Colorado and loved them. ❤️ I'm hoping some day they'll be available in my state soon!
Zach Hill Sacramento, CA
TasteBudz edibles are incredible. I really enjoy them in between flower sessions, you should definitely give them a shot.
Steven Elliot Boulder, CO



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